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New and flexible shoelaces

2.97 USD

New and flexible shoelaces

Buy a new shoelace, add renewal and distinction to your shoes, even if the old lace is lost or torn, or if you do not like its shape and want to use another color in the laces to give a new and distinctive shape to the shoe..

Specifications of new and flexible shoelaces:

  • Length of one shoelace: up to about one meter (100 cm).
  • The materials from which the shoelaces are made: Made of the best types of materials with a high quality metal lock at both ends of the lace.
  • Single strap diameter: about 0.3 cm.
  • Available colors: Lace is available in many different colors (black / navy / blue / yellow / green / red / orange / gray / olive / white).
  • Expands when stretched.

Features of new and flexible shoelaces:

  • The lace is stretchy and loose, you can shape it to the size of your foot comfortably and does not cause any injury to the foot.
  • Available in many different colors to match all the colors of the shoes that you can own, and you can select the color you want according to the shoe.
  • It can be used during sports or when climbing and even when traveling long distances.

2.97 USD
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