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Multifunctional cake mixer mixing bowl is equipped with a tool to empty the entire mixture without leaving any trace

18.90 USD

Multipurpose bowl Cake mixer with divider, strainer and spoon and can be used for washing vegetables and fruits and making salads

Description of cake and sweets supplies:

  1. Product name: multi-purpose mixing bowl
  2. Color: red, white
  3. Industry: made of plastic
  4. Size: 22.5 * 20.5 * 11.5 cm
  5. Weight: 190 grams
  6. Operating temperature: -30~140°C
  7. It consists of a large bowl with a divider, a strainer and a spoon

Features of multifunctional cake mixer mixing bowl:

  • Cake can be made and mixed easily and pour the mixture gradually
  • Cake mixing bowl can put two different types of food because it is equipped with a separator
  • You can use it in more than one way and with a strainer to filter food
  • Cake mixer bowl with spoon to help you load all the mixture easily
  • Great dehydrator for vegetables
  • Wide seeks a lot of food quantity

Customer reviews:

A very special product that has become indispensable in the kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the bowl help to combine different foods inside it?

Of course, it does not have a partition tool

18.90 USD
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