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Men's folding titanium frame sunglasses

83.23 USD

 folding sunglasses , and because we know how important it is for every man to have an elegant and distinctive appearance, we came to you with sturdy glasses that enjoy a bit of luxury and sophistication, get them through our store only at an attractive price

Specifications of men's sunglasses :

  • Target group: men
  • Type: men's sunglasses
  • Body design: made of titanium and metal
  • Color: Comes with a silver body and lens in light black and dark blue
  • Glasses length: 50 mm
  • Glasses Width: 146 mm
  • Arm Length: 140 mm
  • Lens width: 60 mm
  • Bracket length: 16 mm
  • Model: 8382
  • Size: 19,3 grams
  • The lens is made of: polaroid

Features of folding sunglasses :

  • Men's sunglasses , very light in carrying so you can hang them in the clothes you're wearing to also add a great streamlined look
  • Suitable for all tastes and different age groups
  • Distinctive glasses that can be folded and twisted to become small in size and put in the bag
  • Made of superior quality materials
  • folding sunglasses has a distinctive structural design and is different from any other type to suit all uses
  • It does not represent any burden or pain to you while wearing it
  • It is suitable for everyone, whether it is a man or a girl
  • It has many great specifications and features that make it different from any other type
  • It fits many different styles of clothing that you can wear in all your looks
  • It is loved by many customers because of its flexibility and great appearance
  • It gives you a clear and distinct view of all things around you, even during the afternoon
  • You can also wear it while driving the car with ease to see all the way
  • It is considered one of the best wonderful designs inspired by the latest international glasses
  • One of the best types that many customers have ever had
  • It gives you an elegant look and catches all eyes on you
  • You can get it by shipping and delivery to anywhere in the shortest time
  • High quality that enables you to wear it for a long time
  • Men's sunglasses, designed to meet all needs
  • Very elegant and very sturdy

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83.23 USD
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