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Cartoon Child Mask Washable Filter Valve Mask + 10 Filters

15.93 USD

Cartoon Child Mask Washable Filter Valve Mask + 10 Filters

Children's mask, in the era of the Corona virus, Covid-19, we urgently need to protect our children from any virus to maintain their health when going out to any public place or outdoors..

Mask Specifications:

  • Product type: baby mask
  • Children's mask colors: Available in children's favorite colors, there are gray colors with owl patterns, blue, pink, beige, white, khaki and red with blue cartoon car graphics
  • Raw Material: Made of the best cotton materials
  • The package contains: 1 face mask for the child in any shape you choose with 10 filters
  • Number of days of use: 7 days before replacement

Mask features:

  • It is washable and can be used more than once, but the filter cannot be washed, so it comes with 10 filters that you can replace.
  • Made of the finest cotton, very soft on the skin, which facilitates the breathing process and does not cause distress for children
  • Filters can be changed easily and quickly as they are just inserted along the inside of the mask and can be reused
  • Isolates dust, allergens, smoke, pollution, ash, and droplets

15.93 USD
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