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Colored lenses 3 colors mixed

9.45 USD

Contact lenses for the eyes, placed to change their color so that you feel change and renewal, lenses that increase your beauty, madam, choose the right color for you and your skin that you want from Fratose's store and feel renewed, and get it now at an exclusive price.

Specifications of contact lenses:

  • A lens for the eye in the shape of the cornea only, colored in many different, beautiful and attractive colors.
  • A box containing one pair of eye contact lenses.
  • You can change contact lenses after a year.
  • Made of safe materials that do not cause any harm to the eyes.
  • Colored contact lenses to change the color of the eye only are not for vision, so you can not choose how strong it is.
  • The unit lens is colored 3 colors mixed in a wonderful way.

Lens specifications:

  • Center thickness: 0.06 mm
  • Base Curve: 8.5 mm
  • Diameter: 14.5 mm
  • Water content: 40%.
  • Lens Material: HEMA
  • Lens color: natural
  • Hardness: soft

Features of eye contact lenses 3 mixed colors:

  • The colors of the lenses are attractive and sexy.
  • Show your beauty and reflect your eyes' special charm.
  • Very natural looking.
  • Very comfortable and light on the eyes you will not feel it at all.
  • Too wet on the eyes.
  • She is very long.

How to use the lenses:

  • First, you should not remove the lenses from the solution, except when directly in use, so as not to dry out and damage.
  • Look up and sweep the convex part on your finger and the concave part towards your eye, then put it on and repeat in the other eye.

Customer reviews:

  • A very special lens, its color consistency is wonderful and comfortable, I liked it very much and it became my favorite type. I recommend it.

Frequently asked questions about 3 color blended lenses:

  • Are there eye lenses available?
  • The lenses are for eye color only, not optical lenses, you can not choose the strength.
9.45 USD
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