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Water saving kitchen faucet with spray nozzle

15.12 USD

Water saving kitchen faucet with spray nozzle

Kitchen faucet, women often suffer in cleaning vegetables and fruits or cleaning the place around the wash basin, because the main faucet is fixed and short and cannot be moved or lengthened, so we have provided the kitchen faucet..

Kitchen faucet specification:

  • Product type: kitchen faucet
  • Model Number: 1
  • Raw Material: Made of the best and finest types of ABS plastic (Acrylottitrile Butadiene Styrene) + stainless steel + silicone
  • Color: Comes in white and gray as shown in the picture
  • taps size : Suitable for use with rotary taps with an inner diameter of 24 mm or an outer diameter of 22 mm
  • Weight: Weighs about 75 grams
  • Size: 5.3 * 5.3 * 8.5 cm
  • Package weight: 0.091 kg
  • Box size: 10*10*5 cm
  • Certification: CIQ Chinese Quality Certificate

Faucet Features:

  • It consists of environmentally friendly materials that do not affect the cleanliness of the water, and the presence of silicone and stainless steel materials that do not rust over time, which ensures that the faucet will last as long as possible
  • It has 3 degrees of water flow that you can control to get the right degree for you
  • It can be rotated up to 360 degrees, making it easy for you to clean and use

15.12 USD
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