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JASPEER Women's Luxury Sunglasses

17.55 USD

 sunglasses for women , shop only through our store for the best designs of distinctive and different glasses, and because we are always famous for providing many distinctive designs, we offer you this wonderful design, get it before stocks run out

Specifications of sunglasses for women:

  • Target group: women
  • Type: sunglasses for women
  • Brand: JASPER
  • Color: Comes in pink, beige, black, brown, dark mauve and light mauve
  • Lens Height: 66 mm
  • Lens width: 67 mm
  • Lens Optical Attribute: UV 400 Resistant - Anti-reflective - Tilted
  • Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Alloy
  • Design: without frame

Features of JASPER luxury sunglasses for women :

  •  Sunglasses for women , if you want to get a super freshness and give you a look that is different from others, we recommend this sunglasses
  • These glasses are made by the most skilled makers and fashion designers in the world to come out in this wonderful streamlined shape
  • It suits all tastes, as it is suitable for people with high taste
  • Very practical and does not work on the arrival of sunlight and ultraviolet rays to the eyes
  • It came with a distinctive and different glass curvature to give it a wonderful and different appearance
  • Distinctive and its size is streamlined to suit all different face shapes
  • Gives you a wonderful and distinctive smooth look
  • Sunglasses for women are distinctive and different from any other sunglasses
  • It came designed with a set of shiny lobes from the sides, which made it distinguished and different from others
  • Make those around you turn to you and be amazed by your attractive appearance
  • Also suitable while driving to prevent ultraviolet rays from reaching your eyes and give you a clear view of all the road and things around you
  • Easy to clean as well as use You can clean it with a piece of cloth that does not leave any lint on the lens
  • Its lens is distinct and different from any other lens, as it is resistant to liquids and fingerprints
  • Gorgeous and dazzling glasses to give you a great look
  • Add a special touch to your appearance in front of everyone
  • Manufactured from the best raw materials available in the market

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17.55 USD
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