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Flying frog game

15.12 USD

Flying frog game

The best children's games, pamper your children now and buy the best small and entertaining children's game that has been provided at Fratose's store to give excitement and fun to children..

Specifications of Flying Frog Game:

  • Product type: best children's toys
  • Age Group: Suitable for children from one year of age
  • Suitable for a large number of children from 2 children to play with
  • Comes in a pack of 13 frogs
  • Available in many colors, including green, blue, yellow and red, which are loved by children
  • Toy weight: about 51 grams
  • The size of one frog: 5 cm * 6 cm
  • The material the toy is made of: ABS material
  • Description of the game: A small frog has a splinter in the back of it, and the finger is used to compress this sliver and then release it, so it jumps up

Flying frog game features:

  • Made of very safe materials for children
  • Available in many colors that kids love
  • Fun and educational game at the same time



13pcs Kids Toys Jumping Game Bouncing Frog Hopper Party Favor Education Birthday

- very classic game, very exciting for children.

- There is a splinter in the back of the frog, use the finger to press the splinters and then release, the jump jumps.

- Fit 2 to 4 children to play.

- The frog game is also learning and educational toys.


Material ABS the color Green, blue, yellow, redWeight51gSize5cm x 6cm

15.12 USD
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