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Electric toothbrush for children

27 USD

Electric toothbrush for children A very practical toothbrush that deeply cleans teeth with a movement that reaches, surrounds and cleans multiple surfaces for a thorough cleaning.

Features of an electric toothbrush for children

  • Brush teeth Electric children 's bristles with high middle class placed to clean the chewing surfaces.
  • Soft bristles for gentle cleaning. Without hurting the gums
  • Famous characters make brushing fun for your child.

Children's electric toothbrush uses

  • The Smiling Power Toothbrush for Kids is the perfect battery-powered toothbrush for your little ones. At this stage of oral health development, this toothbrush is an advanced toothbrush for kids with added battery power features to help them get the most out of their brushing routine.
  • This battery-operated electric toothbrush for kids helps your kids use the toothbrush for the two minutes recommended by the dentist . Package includes a battery-operated princess toothbrush (battery included).
  • Do not use it on children under the age of three. To clean teeth only. Do not gnaw or bite the brush. Do not use it as a toy or without adult supervision. Replace the brush every 3 months or sooner if the brush head becomes old.

customer reviews

First opinion: I bought a toothbrush like this for 3 year old twins they work very well, just enough power to clean but not too much to scare or hurt them. They love it, they will put it in their mouths and play around and the brush will do its job.

Second opinion: We faced a lot of trouble before trying to brush their teeth manually. But this toothbrush really saved us from this hassle. Brushing teeth became fun for kids. I will definitely buy again

common questions

  • I have at least 6 of these brushes and my kids love them, could you please tell me if there are any replacement heads?

No, they made it so you can't replace the brush heads. This brush is cheap enough that you can throw it away when your brush is worn out and buy a new one,

  • Does it come with batteries?

Yes it does come with batteries. It is made so that you can change the batteries. When changing the second battery, the bristles are not good, so buy a new one. Batteries last a long time and use less toothpaste so you save a lot

27 USD
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