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Dog and cat hair removal comb

20.52 USD

 Dog hair comb , one of the best distinctive products made of high quality materials, came to suit all uses, get it now only through our store and at a special price accessible to everyone

Specifications of dog and cat hair removal comb :

  • Target group: dogs and cats
  • Type: comb
  • Body design: plastic
  • Color: Made of light blue and white

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Features of dog hair comb :

  • One of the best innovations that came to make a lot of things easier for us
  • Versatile, it can be used to get rid of dog and cat hair on clothes and mattresses
  • The dog hair comb does a good job of not spreading the mess and cat hair everywhere
  • It has a head that catches all the hair and lint so that it does not spread all over the place
  • Distinctive, durable and reusable device
  • Durable, practical, does not lose its elasticity and does not reduce its quality and efficiency
  •  It works with a great ability to remove the hair of cats and dogs without causing any harm to them
  • It is designed to be convenient to use and has a perfect body and comfortable grip
  • Dog and cat hair removal comb is easy to use and does not require a lot of time and effort to use it
  • Versatile, easy to clean and use
  • Made of durable high quality materials
  • It has been tested more than once to ensure its efficiency and has proven it well
  • Distinctive and durable to fit and meet all your needs
  • It came in a distinctive and streamlined size so that you can use it and take it with you anywhere
  • Easy to store and does not take up any space in storing or placing it
  • You can use it to remove hair from bedding, clothes and carpets
  • Safe and does not emit any vibrations that harm your health
  • Facial hair comb made by the most skilled manufacturers in the world
  • Made of a set of silicone teeth that are gentle on cats
  • It comes with a push button so you can control its height
  • The ideal solution for people who want to raise pets
  • Inexpensive and inexpensive to suit all categories

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20.52 USD
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