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Reusable Baby Diapers (10pcs)

62.64 USD

Reusable Baby Diapers (10pcs)

Baby diapers .. Welcome to the world of baby care in our store Fritos, which is interested in providing everything that is comfortable and appropriate for your child so that he gets everything that is good, of high quality and very elaborate, and we also try to keep the child from any possible harm as much as possible .. That is why we offer you diapers Reusable kids buy it now.

Diaper Specifications:

  • Made of the best materials that allow the skin to breathe and at the same time prevent water intrusion.
  • It consists of two layers, an inner layer and an outer layer.
  • Very gentle on the skin, it does not cause itching or sensitivity and dermatitis in children, which is the problem that many and many women face with their children.
  • Reusable for more than one time and for a long time.
  • It also contributes to protecting the environment from the damage and impact of regular disposable diapers.
  • It is very easily washed and reused again.
  • A very nice gift that can be given to new mothers.

Washing and care instructions:

  • Diapering cloths should be washed separately from any other clothing.
  • When diapers are soiled, please throw hard objects into the bathroom.
  • They are best soaked and rinsed using cold water and when machine washed they can be washed in warm water using the mild detergent system.
  • The use of chlorine and bleaching materials is prohibited.

62.64 USD
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