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Glass cleaner inside and out with magnet technology suitable for 3-8 ml thick glass, blue color


45.63 USD

Glass cleaner inside and out with magnet technology suitable for glass 3-8 ml thickness blue color

Glass cleaner, glass is one of the most difficult things cleaning at home or private offices in high roles for those who suffer from fear of high places so we have provided you glass cleaner technology magnet makes it easy to clean

Detergent Specifications:

  • Product type: glass cleaner
  • Technology: works with magnet technology
  • Color: Available in blue
  • Suitable glass thickness: 3 - 8 mm
  • Package components: glass cleaning tool + 4 pieces of sponge + rubber

Features of the glass cleaner:

  • Help you clean hard-to-clean glass in no time and without much effort
  • It cleans the glass inside and out at the same time
  • Helps you clean transparent windows from the outside, which are very difficult to clean
  • Can be used to clean sliding doors, car windows, mirrors and even shower screens
  • Leave the glass completely clean and dry and clean of dust and dirt

Suggestions for using the detergent:

The glass cleaner inside and out with magnet technology is not intended for glass windows only. It has many other uses, which are:

  • Glass cleaner can be used to clean sliding doors.
  • It is also used to clean shower screens, car windows , mirrors and any glass surfaces, but bearing in mind that the thickness of the glass is from 3 to 8 mm and not more than that.

45.63 USD
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