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Classic sunglasses for men and women

59.13 USD

Classic sunglasses, shop only through our store for the best products that the consumer needs, so we brought you super-made and excellent glasses to give you brilliance and distinction, get them now at an attractive price before stocks run out

Classic sunglasses specification:

  • Target group: women
  • Type: classic sunglasses
  • Body design: made of metal
  • Color: It comes in many wonderful colors, including black, honey and brown, and the structure also comes in many colors

Classic sunglasses for men and women:

  • Classic sunglasses, and because we know very well that glasses are one of the most important and finest additions that add to your overall look, a streamlined look, we recommend this type
  • Stylish and wonderful glasses with an innovative and distinctive design
  • It is one of the best types of practical and durable eyeglasses
  • It works to give you a wonderful streamlined appearance and differs from everyone around you
  • It is one of the types that are designed to suit both men and women
  • Designed with a great streamlined look that breaks out of the old traditional eyeglasses
  • It works to give you a wonderful look that is different from everyone around you
  • It is designed with a sturdy and strong structure that will last with you for as long as possible
  • It has a wonderful design that is different from any other type to give you more than distinction and brilliance
  • You can wear it anytime and anywhere and you can also put it in your bag and take it with you anywhere
  • She enjoys getting attention, which makes her the best in the history of glasses
  •  It is thick and solid, has great functionality and does not put any burden on the ear
  •  It does not cause any pain or redness on the ear or the face in general
  • Its size is special to fit the size of the face and not be too big to make your appearance unpleasant
  • Safe on the eyes and prevents sunlight and UV rays from reaching your eyes
  • It is also suitable for veiled women, suitable for wearing at work and while going to university
  • It comes in many colors so you can choose the one that suits you
  • Classic sunglasses, with a distinctive range of delicate colors

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59.13 USD
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