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Chain shoulder bag

43.74 USD

Chain shoulder bag

  • bag definition

Chained shoulder bag from Fratose store, available in more than one color, lined, pressed with stitching, in the form of oblique squares, the rectangular bag has more than one pocket, it is very beautiful, practical and comfortable.

  • Shoulder Bag Specifications
  • Chained shoulder bag made of the finest quality leather, quilted and pressed with stitching to give the shape of puffed squares.
  • The rectangular bag consists of two large pockets attached to the inside and from the side, linked by a silver-coloured snap from the top, but they have one common base.
  • It has a front flap that starts from the top of the back of the bag and starts right away with a third, thin, hidden pocket
  • From the top it has two clips in the form of a small inverted semi-circle that clip the short and long chains of the bag
  • The chain of the long bag is connected with a chain of leather of the same color as the bag
  • It has a small elegant rectangular silver clasp that connects the front bag cover to the front pocket.
  • bag features
  • The size of the chain shoulder bag is small and convenient that will not bother you while wearing
  • It is very spacious from the inside and has more than one pocket and holds a lot of things
  • Available in more than one color, choose the one that suits you
  • It suits all tastes and casual or classic clothes because it is very thin, elegant and practical as well
  • Equipped with a piece of leather chain to be fixed on the shoulder and be practical
  • How to wear the bag

On the shoulder using the long chain or in the hand using the short chain

  • Customer Reviews

Beautiful, comfortable, practical, elegant and very chic to wear, it became my first choice when I left the house

  • common questions

Is it damaged when exposed to water?

Answer: Do not damage, but dry cleaning is preferred

43.74 USD
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