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Beverage can faucet tool

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15.12 USD

Beverage can faucet tool

High-quality, small water faucet that mounts on beverage cans Easy to use With a water tap you can enjoy drinks easily

water faucet specification

Made of safe plastic

The color is red

Features of the water faucet

It makes the drink bottle a wonderful and durable spout that you can use easily to enjoy your favorite drink

water faucet uses

  • When using, first invert the product, put the base mouth together with the lower jaw, tightly closed. Then turn the bottle again and you can put it on the table.
  • The pressure inside the bottle will be relatively small, shake the bottle softly, you can use it normally.
  • There is a white rubber ring inside the seat of the faucet, use this piece to prevent leakage, install it, there will be no leakage phenomenon!

customer reviews

First opinion: Great product, easy to install and easy to use

Second opinion: The mouth of the base must be fixed tightly to prevent leakage. Great product I loved it

common questions

Is this product durable?

Yes it is durable and you can use it easily

15.12 USD
Special offer

beverage faucet

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