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Electric fruit blender powered by USB

26.19 USD 33.21 USD

Best portable usb rechargeable fruit juice blender make a cup of juice at high speed and complete safety.

Features of the best fruit juice blender

  • The best fruit juice blender is compact, portable and easy to clean. Can be used as a regular juice cup and juice blender. Mix different types of fruits and vegetables.
  • The best healthy fruit juice blender made of PP/PC a healthy material that does not react with drinks
  • It can be reused when fully charged and easy to charge when the battery is in use. Safe enough due to the double safety protection on the power switch.
  • Safe and food grade material The best mini fruit juice blender is made of non-toxic materials and you can enjoy keeping nutrients fresh Mini blender for shakes and smoothies
  • Powerful motor system makes it portable high speed jet blender, smoothie maker, baby pop blender, milkshake, smoothie blender. Perfectly blenders for smoothies.

Uses of the best fruit juice blender

  • Rechargeable USB electric juice cup comes with a high quality battery, it is a rechargeable blender for shakes and smoothies that can be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones or other devices
  • Multifunctional It has a smart juicer protection device, a switch that is very safe to use and clean The body of the juicer cup can be separated from the bottom It is a cordless blender for shakes and juices Great for travel, outdoors

customer reviews

First opinion: This portable mini blender is perfect in size and light in weight. It charges quickly and is one-button operation, easy enough. It is powerful and mixes juice and smoothies very well. Easy to clean

Second opinion: This is a nice light portable blender. I use it at work and it travels easily. It struggles a bit with snow and really frozen stuff, but it does take a while and sometimes you have to mix a little in between and the blend holds a good charge after the initial charge. In general, this is cool and comfortable.

common questions

  • Can hot vegetables be mixed while they are hot?

I have not tried the hot vegetables. Maybe I'll let them cool down a bit. This little blender is great so far but I only bought for protein smoothies on the road

  • Can this ice blend?

The description says that you can mix ice in it.

26.19 USD 33.21 USD
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