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Bed and sofa for a peaceful sleep for your child

43.20 USD

Portable baby bed and sofa for a quiet sleep for your child

A portable baby bed, infants in particular spend most of their day sleeping, so you have to choose the appropriate bed that relaxes the baby’s muscles and makes him sleep in relaxation and comfort.

Specifications of a sofa bed for a quiet sleep for your child:

  • Available in many cheerful childhood colors such as pink, blue and beige with some elegant and beautiful engravings
  • It has a zipper that can be in the middle of the bed
  • Made of PVC material
  • Bed size: 70*50*40 cm
  • Weight: 500 - 502 - 325 grams
  • Contains a belt for the child attached to the bed in the middle

Bed Features:

  • It is a portable baby bed, which provides a quiet and comfortable sleep for the child to enjoy and get the most benefit
  • It can also be used as a sofa for the baby to sit on
  • It contains a safety belt in the middle to attach the child to, ensuring that he does not fall, which provides protection and complete safety
  • Available with a zipper through which the filling can be removed for easy storage and cleaning

43.20 USD
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