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5 pieces

Flying balloon game 5 pieces

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10.80 USD

Flying balloon game 5 pieces

Children Balloon, B Alon is the most interesting games exciting for the kids, they are very excited when they play, and make them feel happy and happiness when they play. Great set of balloons to help you make your kids happy forever..

Baby balloon specification:

  • Product type: children's toys (flying balloon toy)
  • Target group: Children under the age of three
  • Number of pieces per box: 5 balloons per box
  • Balloon Color: Offers a unique blue color that all kids love with a multi-colored helicopter in white, pink and yellow.
  • Material: Made of the best PP plastic.
  • Brand / Brand: HBB.
  • Game idea: inflate the balloon, attach the helicopter to it and keep it open, so that the air outside the balloon turns on the fan to fly.

Balloon features:

  • Made of child-safe PP plastic.
  • There are cute and classic colors that kids love.
  • Educational games that stimulate children's thinking and develop their practical skills.


Beware of small accessories that may harm children.

10.80 USD
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