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A large-capacity travel bag with a special pocket for shoes and a pocket for the jacket without leaving men's interactions

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A large capacity travel bag with a special pocket for shoes and a jacket pocket without leaving any men's interactions

The best travel bags.. Usually men do not like to carry many bags when moving from one place to another, but sometimes they have to carry a lot of bags in order to accommodate all their belongings in an orderly and organized manner.. Therefore, we have provided you in our store a large travel bag for men.

Bag specifications:

  • The best large size travel bags can accommodate a lot of items and are placed in an organized manner.
  • The interior design of the bag: divided from the inside into many sections (a place designated to put clothes that looks like a wardrobe and keeps it from wrinkling, a place for putting shoes is isolated from the rest of the sections and has a hole for ventilation, the main pocket, a medium-wide side pocket, two side pockets on the right and one side The left is relatively small to hold the phone and wallet.)
  • Available colors: Large capacity travel bag Available in only two colors, gray and black
  • Bag dimensions: length 54 cm, height 25 cm, width 28 cm.
  • Closure type: It is characterized by the presence of a zipper that is closed tightly.
  • The bag does not allow water to penetrate from the inside to the outside, or vice versa, it can store dry or wet things inside.

Bag features:

  • The best travel bags are characterized by being divided from the inside into more than one section so that clothes and items are arranged in an orderly manner.
  • Its size is suitable for all the things that a man could need while traveling.

53.19 USD 97.47 USD
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