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Thermal Lunch Bag For Pizza Food Insulation Multiple Sizes

32.13 USD

You can now maintain the temperature of your food when you travel to a picnic. Thermal lunch bag keeps you safe

Description of the thermal lunch bag:

Manufacturing material: Oxford aluminum foil

Red color

Type: 230*420*420mm approx

Design: Designed with a zipper, it can hold 16 inch pizza

Features of the thermal lunch bag:

  • Thermal lunch bag made of Oxford, waterproof and aluminum in insulation, cotton material
  • Very practical and you can put more than one type of food in an orderly manner
  • It is easy to carry, it is light in weight and made of high quality materials
  • Elegant and distinctive, easy to clean, foldable and convenient to store
  • It is one of the most important travel essentials and you must have it
  • Thermal food bag can be used to store pizza, so many restaurants use it to deliver pizza

Customer reviews:

Distinctive, wonderful, and spacious, take many types of food

common questions

Does the water affect it?

No, it is water resistant

32.13 USD
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