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Travel cosmetic and personal items bag

17.55 USD

Travel cosmetic and personal items bag

A cosmetic bag and personal supplies is the bag is the best women's bags needed in a travel bag in terms of capacity and also its thin and comfortable shape. It is available on Fratose's store in shapes and sizes to suit everyone, get it now.

  • bag specification
  • A flexible, practical, foldable square bag, one of the best types of fabric in the manufacture of women's bags.
  • Extra large black bag with black zip.
  • This bag is colored on both the front and the back in bright and colorful colours.
  • Drawn with cute and cute little graphics.
  • bag features
  • Not only helps carry clothes and cosmetics
  • A cosmetic bag is also used to store clothes at home or closet because it is available in different sizes to suit everyone.
  • Very flexible and practical.
  • If you are a bride and want to store your clothes, tools, etc., this special bag can accommodate them all
  • It is used to save books from loss and dust
  • Water Proof bag
  • Customer Reviews

A very practical and elegant bag that is indispensable for travel.

  • common questions

Do you take up a lot of space in your travel bag?

Answer: No, it takes up very little space for the things you carry.

17.55 USD
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