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Battery operated baby shower

32.40 USD

Battery operated baby shower

Baby shower … If you suffer when bathing your child and cannot fully control it, here is the perfect solution that was presented to you from the Fritos store, which will save you a lot of effort and fatigue in addition to saving a lot of time as it makes your child happy during the shower …

Shower Specifications:

Baby shower color : It comes in red that overlaps with white, which are the colors that fit with children and are loved by many of them

Size: 16*69.5 cm.

Raw materials and materials from which the shower was made: It is made of the best and finest environmental and healthy materials, as it is made of non-toxic ABS material that has no taste and does not change the taste of the water.

Shower Quality: Very High Quality A+.

The shower is equipped with a very soft and cute baby elephant shape that makes the baby happy while bathing.

Battery used: 4 * 1.5v AAA batteries not included

Shower features:

  • The baby shower is equipped with two ways in which the water can flow into the shower.
  • The direction of the shower faucet can be adjusted 360 degrees in any direction.
  • The water tube is soft and flexible, allowing you to adjust the shower head in any direction you want.
  • It is preferable not to use rechargeable batteries or the resulting energy.
  • Bathtub Water Cycle Built-in electric water pump keeps the suction end under the water and the water flow can be released continuously.

32.40 USD
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