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Pneumatic gun device for clearing blocked drains

31.86 USD

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Air gun device for clearing clogged sewers

Modern sanitary ware is a high-pressure pneumatic sewage gun for toilets, bathrooms, bathtubs

Modern sanitary ware specifications

The color is blue

Material: ABS gun body

Natural rubber heads


  • Easy to use, modern sanitary ware uses the power of compressed air to clear even the toughest drain clogs in just seconds.
  • Used multiple times and money saver Can last for years and remove clogs without having to call a plumber, saving you a lot of money
  • It can deal with all the clogs caused by garbage such as hair, cloth, grease, oily dirt, etc.
  • Pump the drain tube and press the trigger, the blockage is removed in seconds much faster than any other product

customer reviews

The first: I had a stubborn drain in my bathroom..I tried the snake..I tried some chemicals..Finally I tried this amazing product and it went off in just a few seconds

The second: a very practical product that is easy to use

common questions

Do you need chemicals with this device?

No, it only works with air pressure

31.86 USD
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