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Dental flossing device

60.21 USD

The wonderful and amazing dental cleaning device from Fratoze Store

It is known that the regular brush that we use cleans only 25% of the mouth, so we must be careful to have a water floss device to clean the teeth..

 Teeth cleaning device specifications

Get now the seago dental cleaning device in black color and you can choose the color you want from Fratose's store

The device consists of two pieces, a fixed piece and a variable moving piece to suit all uses and purposes

The fixed piece is thick at the bottom and its thick bottom part is transparent and inside it is a long tube that isolates the contents of the device from around it because the bottom is a water tank for the device, from the top it is less thick and takes the form of a handle.

The upper part in which the movable cleaning tool enters rotates at an angle of 360 for easy cleaning of the teeth. It has more than one tool for more than one function

  • Standard nozzle for daily cleaning
  • Orthodontic nozzle for brace cleaning
  • Dental coating hole to clean the periodontal bag
  • Tongue scraping nozzle for tongue cleaning
  • It also has a powerful charger

Advantages of dental flossing device

  • The dental flosser is characterized as a quick cleaning of the teeth.
  • easy to use.
  • Great battery, so that it is charged 5 hours to work 65 days.
  • 360 degree rotation of the top makes cleaning deeper and easier.
  • The device is Water Proof, which can be used in the bathroom because it is protected against water.
  • Contains a mineral water pump.
  • It has a smart chip that can provide powerful power.
  • It can precisely control the water flow.
  • Copper motor outputs great power.

How to use the product and its uses

You must choose the nozzle you want to use and install it in the other part and then fill the water tank with clean (mineral) water

Then choose the location of the tartar in the teeth and aim the nozzle at it between your teeth, close your mouth, and press the button until it works.

It is used to clean tartar between your teeth and anything that has a deep cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Great product, after using it, it became irreplaceable

common questions 

Does it weaken teeth and remove enamel?

No, because it contains only water and cleans by force of water.

60.21 USD
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