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925 sterling silver ring with two gold and silver hearts

17.76 USD

The most beautiful ring silver ring silver sterling attractive and stylish guy in tenderness and simplicity gives your hands attractive is unmatched.

Specifications of the most beautiful silver ring

  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Main color: silver and gold
  • Weight: about 2.2g
  • Ring Size: 9/12/14

Features of the most beautiful silver ring

  • Silver ring with two hearts, one gold-plated and the other silver (rhodium-plated).
  • Made of 925/1000 sterling silver and marked with the distinctive purity mark.
  • The most beautiful distinctive silver ring without zircon The ring is not decorated with any stone, but it is charming with its beautiful decorations.
  • This piece of jewelry features a distinctive 925

Uses of the most beautiful silver ring

  • The most beautiful silver ring suitable as a love gift, for Valentine's Day, birthday, or wedding anniversary.
  • The most beautiful silver ring A strong bond between two loving hearts, with this silver ring will express your deep love. ♥ Two hearts intertwined. Beautiful birthday gift for a woman.
  • The most beautiful silver ring increases your brilliance, beauty and attractiveness, as it highlights your tenderness due to its simplicity and beauty.
  • It can be presented as a simple and beautiful gift to a woman, it is suitable for daily wear.
  • You will receive a ring from us in a beautiful gift box.
  • The most beautiful white silver precious metal ring is appreciated for its stunning appearance and superior durability.
  • The most beautiful silver ring enjoys a wide range in fine jewelry. It is an innovative ring designed with platinum to highlight its luster and strength.
  • Most women love the platinum color over the frank gold color, so the most beautiful silver ring suits most tastes
  • The most beautiful ring silver ring values gorgeous and attractive draws attention to him the strength of its luster and shine

customer reviews

  • First opinion: A gorgeous ring that looks very subtle. It's attractive without being tacky or gaudy I'm so glad I got this gorgeous simple ring
  • Second opinion: I do not suffer from jewelry allergies with this wonderful ring, as I wear it comfortably without feeling high quality and really special

common questions

Does the ring change color with use?

No . It does not change color as it is made of 925 silver

17.76 USD
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