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5 in 1 Magnetic Frame Sunglasses

26.73 USD

5 in 1 magnetic frame sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a tool for protection from the sun, they are also a piece used to show fashion and beauty in the design and show the personality and thought of the wearer. New and fashionable sunglasses and buys it immediately and finally has more than five sunglasses, that's why we will show you 5 in 1 magnetic frame sunglasses product.

5 in 1 magnetic frame sunglasses

These glasses are multi-use glasses, as they have five lenses with different uses that make you use them in many situations, and they will save you, so you will buy five glasses in one glasses instead of buying more than expensive and high-priced sunglasses, and allows you to change lenses and change your appearance day by day Day, they have five wonderful colors and the most popular colors in the world of sunglasses, and each color of the lenses has a certain protection feature, you will buy sunglasses with an elegant aesthetic shape and high quality to protect from the harmful rays of the sun.

Information on 5 in 1 magnetic frame sunglasses:

There is a lot of information about these glasses that the consumer would like to know and see in order to have a great knowledge of the product. Here is some information.

These glasses are suitable for both men and women.

♥ The frame is made of titanium.

Interchangeable polarized lenses, lens material is resin.

The lens width is 54 mm, the arm length is 138 mm, the safety glasses are 139 mm wide, and the lens height is 43 mm.

♥ The lens is equipped with a magnetic clip for easy installation and exchange.

Designed with a square frame shape that fits all face shapes.

Owns lenses with superior protection from sunlight and UV rays.

The product consists of one frame, five lenses with a metal clip, one storage case divided inside, and each lens has a pocket.

5 in 1 magnetic frame sunglasses features:

These glasses have several characteristics that are unique and different from the rest of the sunglasses, including these characteristics.

Glasses Material: The glasses are characterized by a durable material of the finest types of eyeglasses designed for industry, as the frame is made of titanium that cannot change color or damage, and the lenses are made of resin, which is one of the finest materials for making lenses.

Design: The 5-in-one sunglasses are designed to suit both women's and men's tastes, and their design is simple in a square shape, which gives attractiveness and beauty to those who wear it, and with the change in the color of the lens, it gives a different shape and a new look to its owner.

Colors: The frames are designed in an elegant and neutral black color that matches all colors of clothing, while the lenses are equipped with five colors, all elegant and modern, such as yellow, blue, gray, brown and black.

PROTECTION: The 5-in-1 multi-frame sunglasses are made with polarized lens and night vision lens, the black lens is Blu-rayed for anti-distraction protection, the yellow lens is for high-light protection, the blue, silver and brown lens have UV protection.

Price: The glasses have a suitable price for everyone, as they are not expensive at all, as they are estimated at 99 Saudi riyals.

Finally, we have shown you the advantages of the five-in-1 magnetic frame sunglasses, which are light, elegant, easy to carry, suitable for all times, and can be taken with you when traveling. Buying five individual glasses will save you a lot.

26.73 USD
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