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5*1 adapter cable for iPhone users

17.40 USD

This 1080p HD iPhone cable adapter brings everything you want to see on your device screen like apps, presentations, and websites to your HDMI-compatible TV, display, projector or display.

iPhone cable adapter features

  • Plug and Play: The built-in iPhone cable adapter allows charging when connected to HDMI.The lightning to HDMI adapter must be connected to a power source to work.
  • iPhone cable adapter made of durable, soft and lightweight TPE material, bending life of more than 15,000 allows the adapter cable to be folded flexibly, no need to worry about tangling, tangling or twisting.

iPhone cable adapter uses

  • Easy to Use First, connect the iPhone to HDMI Cable Adapter to your device's display screen via an HDMI cable. Second, connect the Lightning to HDMI adapter to a power source via a Lightning to USB cable. Finally connect from HDMI adapter to iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Slim and portable iPhone cable adapter specially designed for your daily life, when you travel, go out or drive home, easy to carry which saves floor space This little thing will be your best friend, you can use it anytime and anywhere, you can put it in a pack or handbag, and you can Enjoy music anywhere.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: I have looked at many reviews to get the right adapter for my iPhone. But for some strange reason, a lot of the reviews had reviews of other items that aren't even technical!! I was very skeptical about buying but it is a great product, works well and ships fast! I don't have any complaints.
  • Second opinion: This element works perfectly and as intended. It does everything the product description shows it works so well!

common questions

  • Is this converter easy to use?

Yes, easy to use, buy without worry

  • Is the cable subject to twisting and damage?

No, as it is made of high quality materials that do not tangle or twist

17.40 USD
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