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3D phone screen magnifier

25.38 USD

The mobile screen magnifier makes your phone screen the same size as the laptop screen. Just place the phone in the place designated for it, and a screen the size of your laptop screen will appear and you will enjoy an enjoyable watching of the movie or series easily, through a magnifying glass in the form of a large screen.


Mobile screen magnifier specifications

  • The mobile screen magnifier contains a magnifying glass that magnifies the screen, and this magnifying glass has a feature that magnifies all the details with high accuracy.
  • The mobile screen magnifier is easy to use and designed with high quality materials and the use of anti-slip material due to the presence of a high bottom seat, and it can be installed anywhere through this seat.
  • The mobile screen amplifier is placed in it firmly so that it does not fall.
  • It is made with a high-resolution acrylic screen that magnifies the details.
  • Light in size, easy to carry on trips.

Features of mobile screen magnifier

  • Great for watching subtitled movies. Subtitles are small. You can put your phone in this product and enjoy a large screen to be able to read the words and notice the minute details.
  • Easy to store as it is made of anti-slip material.
  • Easy to transport so it is required on trips and camping.

Mobile screen magnifier uses

  • There is a place where the phone is placed and it is a well-fixed place so that it does not slip afterwards.
  • With the big screen of this product, you can watch the movie, series, or anything you want to enlarge on the phone very accurately.
  • This product is very easy to use and one of the best products ever.
  • Made of the finest materials, you can use it in summer residences, and the phone can be displayed horizontally or adjusted in terms of ups and downs.
  • This product can be used in placing mobiles and tablets and converting the screen into 3D, and it can be used in resorts and trips.

customer reviews

First opinion: A great product for watching translated movies. I put my phone down and enjoy watching a large screen with accurate details.

Second opinion: Lightweight, always take it with me on trips.

common questions

  • Is this product high quality?

Yes, it is made of a high-resolution, high-quality acrylic screen that magnifies the details.

  • Is it heavy?

No, it is light in size and can be carried on your travels easily.

25.38 USD
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