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3D Luminous Geometric Backpack

19.71 USD

3D Luminous Backpack

A three-dimensional luminous backpack is one of the types of bags that have spread recently and caused a sensation, and this is because of its leather that lights up and sparkles, which draws attention and gives an aesthetic appearance to the wearer.

3D Luminous Backpack Definition

The search for the definition of a three-dimensional luminous backpack is increasing due to the increase in the desire to buy and possess it. We find that this bag is a bag made of a certain fabric, and its face is a specific type of leather that appears to the viewer in the form of shiny and luminous leather and reflects the light falling on it.

Basic information and specifications about 3D Luminous Backpack

Everyone who wants to buy a 3D luminous backpack wants to know all the basic information and details about the bag so that they can buy it with confidence without facing problems after purchasing. As for the fabric from which the bag is made, it is comfortable for the back, and this bag is characterized by being elegant and three-dimensional, and its color changes depending on the color of the degree of light in which it is located. and height, and is characterized by its light weight of 1.05 lbs / 470 grams.

3D Luminous Backpack Components

Luminous 3D Backpack consists of several components that make it the first choice for users, and among these components we find the following:

  • This bag is made of a special piece of leather, which is the type of polyurethane.
  • In addition to a piece of custom fabric that is comfortable for the back.
  • We find that this bag consists of one main pocket.
  • Plus one zipper pocket.
  • This bag consists of a large open pocket for a laptop.
  • This bag also consists of 2 small pockets.
  • The bag also consists of a metal chain.
  • The shoulder straps are for carrying.

3D Luminous Backpack Features

There are many advantages that a 3D luminous backpack has, and these features are as follows:

  • This bag is designed to hold a 15 inch laptop, iPad Pro, iPad, umbrella and many other things.
  • Among the advantages are also the presence of a number of pockets of different sizes.
  • This bag is also made of polyurethane leather.
  • Its lining is made of linen fabric.
  • This bag is flexible to use and also comfortable and goes well with all clothes.
  • This bag is also designed to be taken to many places.
  • This bag is characterized by the fact that the process of cleaning and caring for it is very easy, as the individual can clean it with a suitable piece of cloth with a specialized cleaning agent and wipe it gently.
  • This bag has a reflective design.

3D Luminous Backpack Benefits

One of the most important benefits that an individual obtains when using a 3D luminous backpack is carrying a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing backpack, through which the individual can carry all his items without feeling heavy or tired in his back because its materials are specially designed for the comfort of the back.

How to use 3D Luminous Backpack

The way to use a three-dimensional luminous backpack is very easy, one can inspect it and know the locations and size of the pockets and put in it all the things that he wants to carry, each of them in his designated place with ease, then the individual closes the bag with the zippers placed in it.

19.71 USD
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