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360° selfie phone mount

36.72 USD

Phone stabilizer for shooting 360-degree rotation Auto-tracking of faces and subjects Make a live broadcast with ease Smart phone camera Take shooting in an easy, practical and fun way.

Specifications of the phone stabilizer for photography

  • Type: PTZ
  • Color: black white
  • Material: plastic, silicone
  • Powered by 3 x 1.5V AA dry battery (not included)
  • Compatible System: Compatible with Android and iOS systems
  • Support iOS 10.0 and above and Android 8.1 and above
  • You need to download the app: Apa Wizard

Features of a phone stabilizer for photography

  • Infinite rotation Auto follow without conditions Free follow wherever you move your face
  • Artificial intelligence synthesis can automatically improve professional synthesis on people or pets.
  • Built-in new Smart Track algorithm, real-time target shooting and tracking function, object displacement tracking,
  • Capture interesting pictures automatically.
  • The face tracking mode can automatically recognize your face and will follow you wherever you go.
  • It can be switched between different shooting modes, providing many shooting angles and adapting to different scenes.

Uses of a phone stabilizer for photography

  • With a camera phone stabilizer, you can record a video without a photographer
  • Now you can leave your cell phone in your hand when you have a video call with your family and need to free your hands; All these camera with 360 degree automatic face tracking will help you solve the problem. You can also live it, turn your smartphone into a virtual camera with our app controlled smartphone mount man.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: The product is great, it's easy to make a beautiful selfie with it because you don't need to carry a cell phone anymore. And it can track your face too - it can capture your face even when you turn your face. I highly recommend this product
  • Second opinion: Great for those who love to play selfies and create selfie videos. I tried it to make a baking video and it's perfect for that because it doesn't need anyone to carry a cell phone for me.

common questions

  • Can I use it with the remote control?

Wireless bluetooth remote quick connection, take the photo automatically in a fixed time of 3 seconds.

36.72 USD
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