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360° rotating car phone holder

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Car stand for mobile It is easily installed in the car A practical fixed stand so that you can rotate it 360 degrees in all directions.

Mobile car stand specifications

  • Material: ABS
  • Suitable: for 3-7 inch phones
  • Installation location: car rearview mirror, dashboard, sun visor panel
  • Colors: black

Features of a car stand for mobile

  • Lightweight mobile phone stand, suitable for 3-7 inch mobile phones, can be installed in the dashboard, rearview mirror and sunscreen (Tips: This mobile phone holder can be used at home)
  • Car stand for mobile is easy to disassemble and install Place your phone easily Widely adjustable car stand for mobile phone with instant release button. The 180-degree up and down swivel hinge and small left and right rotation give you the perfect viewing angle and allow quick switching between portrait and landscape viewing.
  • A car stand for the mobile phone holder is padded with a soft material to ensure a smooth connection with your device and prevent scratches, making your device safe

Uses of a car stand for mobile

  • Mobile car stand rotates up or down for optimal viewing height. Prevent from blocking your vision while driving.
  • 360 Degree Rotation Mobile Car Stand: The swivel ball head ensures 360 degree rotation to your desired viewing angle. Quick adjustment for safe and effortless driving.
  • There are soft material cushions on the mobile phone stand to fit your cell phone securely and vibration-free. The foldable grab legs allow you to charge your mobile phone without any hassle.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: I love this little gadget! I've come across a few cell phone holders that have never worked.But here's the stand is great Easy to use and very stable Practical and comfortable Great gift idea
  • Second opinion: This one is sturdy and has been installed above the ventilation holes. I live in the North and I still use the thermostat in my car and never had a single problem with this great mount I recommend it

common questions

  • What is the diameter of the mounting pad?

It is adjustable to any size you have.

24.03 USD 24.84 USD
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