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300ml Small Size Capsule Juice Blender With Modern Design And Practical Recharge

37.80 USD

300ml Small Size Capsule Juice Blender With Modern Design And Practical Recharge

Describe :

Deerma DEM-NU01 Mini Portable Fruit Juicer Kitchen Electric Mini Capsule Blender Powerful Electric Juice Cup

300ml juice blender small in capsule shape with a modern and practical design that works with charging is the perfect and best choice for every modern home and every home lady looking for renewal, elegance and good taste in her home appliances, every woman is always looking for what is modern, modern and elegant, so we will present all the details about the juice blender 300 Small size, charging.

Features of juice blender 300 ml:

The 300ml juice blender in the shape of a capsule and a modern design that works with charging, includes many features that make it the best and ideal choice for anyone looking for elegance and distinction, Among those features are:

The 300ml juice blender is great for travel.

It is also suitable for all different uses of whisking eggs, mincing meat, and mixing food quickly and easily.

Comfortable to use, elegant in design, as its small, streamlined shape makes it suitable for many purposes.

It is also low in noise, as it does not emit a loud sound when operating, which makes it more suitable for many people.

It also has a compact design, which makes it easy to carry and store, as well as easy to clean and use.

It is also characterized by its different and varied colors, which makes its shape more attractive and elegant among the various kitchen utensils.

Its whisking flask is made of healthy materials that do not cause any harm to human health from the presence of food in it.

It is also powerful and can grind hard things quickly and hard, as the blender is able to grind soybeans and pulses

Solid better and fast without affecting the work of the mixer.

It also has a powerful, fast and powerful grinding knife that can chop meat, onions and celery in a few minutes and very well.

The blender charging feature is also one of the bloodiest features that makes it suitable for travel and transportation on trips and in remote places where electricity is difficult to access.

Specifications of electric blender 300 ml

The specifications of the mixer are as follows:

· The diameter of this leachate 77 mm

178mm in length, it's the same size as a smartphone

· 5.0 - inch WVGA almost does not occupy much space.

· Capacity 300 ml

· 45 - watt power

· Voltage 5V

· Battery 1200 mA

· Charging time about 3 hours

· Number of blades: 4 blades

· Rotate speed: 18000 rpm

Brand Deerma

Model DEM-NU01

Material: pc

· White color

How the blender works 300 mm works with charging

The 300 ml juice blender works in more than one way, which is the most characteristic of the blender, and among those ways in which the blender can work:

Work with electrical connection

Where the mixer can be operated by electrical connection, while electrical connections are connected and there is an electrical current, when using it at home.

work on charging

The mixer can also be used after placing it on the charger until the end of the charging period, so you can use it easily without any electrical connections, while using it in external areas on trips, while traveling or in areas where there is no electricity.

Electric Blender 300ml is an example and modern blender that fulfills all purposes of whisking, grinding and chopping, works with charging, and its small size is the secret of its distinction that made it suitable for many different purposes such as travel, trips, or others.

Instructions :

1. How many cups of juice can I make?

You can make 6 cups when the juicer is fully charged. Please note that the working environment may affect performance.

2. Can I wash the juicer after using it?

Yes, of course. The juicer is designed with a washable body.

3. I worry about leaking when I put it in my bag. Is it leak proof?

Yes. The juicer bottle is airtight and leak-proof.

 The package contains:

1 x juicer

1 x USB cable

1 x brush

37.80 USD
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