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3*1 Magnetic USB Cable

9.92 USD

3*1 Magnetic USB Cable

We are all exposed to the problem of charging loss in phones, tablets and all electronic devices, and with the increase in the use of chargers, they are damaged and their life span expires, so they are looking for a fast and safe charging method that does not get damaged in a short time. We find that the 3*1 magnetic USB cable is one of the things that achieved this equation and not this Not only, but the cable is also used to transfer data from the phone or the device used to any other device and in a very fast time, as it saves time, and we find that in the old days the cable had one head and with the development it reached three.

3*1 magnetic USB cable identification

We find that the 3 in 1 magnetic USB cable is one of the things that are in high demand and has become used by many who travel and move a lot and need a way to charge their phones and electronic devices with it in a quick time, and the magnetic cable has achieved this, and the special thing about this cable is that it is used for all All types of phones can use one cable to serve the whole family.

Basic Information and Specifications for 3*1 Magnetic USB Cable

Because of the eagerness of many to obtain and use the magnetic USB cable 3 in 1 and enjoy its features, we also find that these people want to know all the basic information and specifications about the cable, so we find that this cable came as compensation for the charger head where the user can charge his phone without removing the head From the phone, and this step helps greatly in maintaining what is known as the silent charging in the phone, one of the most important basic information about the cable is that it is small so the individual can take it with him anywhere, and not only this, but we also find that this link enables the user to transfer data with all Easily, quickly and safely without losing it.

3*1 Magnetic USB Cable Components

The 3 in 1 magnetic USB cable consists of several main components and parts that enable it to charge the phone very easily, and these components include:

  • The cable consists of a hollow metal head from the inside designed to enter the charging place in phones, and in most cases this head is rectangular or takes a circular shape.
  • Then after this head we find a piece of plastic that supports and stabilizes the head.
  • And then we find a wire which represents the tail of the link and is made of foldable plastic, and sometimes the plastic is wrapped with thread or cloth.
  • And we find that there is a strong and durable wire that is covered with parts of high quality tylon.

Features of 3*1 Magnetic USB Cable

The 3 in 1 magnetic USB cable features a set of features that make it the first choice for frequent phone users who want a quick way to charge, as well as transfer data, and these features are as follows:

  • The cable is characterized by that its use is not limited to charging only, but can be used to transfer data easily and in a short time.
  • The cable also has a very high charging current of 3A.
  • It is characterized by having a very long wire that a person can use as he wants.
  • Sometimes the cable length is up to 1.2 meters.
  • It is characterized by its very light weight of 33 grams.
  • One of its most important features is that it keeps the charger location from getting dusty, and extends its life span.
  • It is characterized as being used with all different electronic devices.
  • It is characterized as supporting I phone, Type c, micro us.

3*1 Magnetic USB Cable Benefits

One of the most important benefits of a 3 in 1 magnetic USB cable is that it charges all types of phones alike, and also transfers all data from one device to another.

How to use 3*1 magnetic USB cable

The way to use a 3*1 magnetic USB cable is by connecting one head of the cable to the phone and the other head to the charger, charging and transferring data at the same time.

9.92 USD
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