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10pcs bed sheet clips

6.21 USD

Bed mattress installer, get it now, as it is an ideal and indispensable product in every modern home, distinguished by its ease of use and the most wonderful aesthetic shape, and we provided it to you at an exclusive price that does not accept competition.

Specifications of 10pcs bed sheet clips

  • Brand: Frutz
  • Color: green - red - yellow - gray - white
  • Quantity: 10 clips
  • Material: plastic


  • The mattress holder prevents the sheet from slipping.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It gives you the opportunity to always have a tidy bed.
  • It saves you the time and effort of arranging the bedroom.
  • The distinctive colors match all bed linens.
  • Made of pure plastic that makes it durable and long lasting.
  • It does not affect the bed linen material and does not reduce its quality.
  • It gives you a perfect and deep sleep on a well-arranged mattress from evening to morning.
  • We provide you with shipping and home delivery service in the shortest time.

How to use

  • The bed mattress is installed on the sides of the sheet.
  • 10 clips You can install two clips on each side.

customer reviews

  • The mattress topper is very special and the bed curve is made for 24 hours.

common questions

  • Q: Can the bedspread fixer be used on crepe bedding?
  • A: Of course, it is practical and can be used on all types of fabrics .

6.21 USD
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